27 internationally renowned soloists from all over the world plan their annual rendezvous in North Aegean region, in the two remarkable Greek islands, Lesbos (and more specifically in Molyvos village) and for the first time in Chios

8 – 19 August | 5th Molyvos International Music Festival 

In North Aegean region, the two remarkable Greek islands, Lesbos and Chios will have the honor to host 27 distinguished and award-winning musicians from the whole world that will musically embrace and inspire the loyal friends of the 5th Molyvos International Music Festival.

Especially, Molyvos – an enchanting castle topped village perched on a northern edge of Lesbos island, one of the most picturesque villages of the Mediterranean – will be the center of classical music from August 8th to August 19th. Molyvos, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts a mix of cultural influences due to its architecture and history, and as you walk around on the cobbled mule paths is full of courtyards with bright flowers, bougainvillea and aged plane trees.

Appearing in the well-preserved Byzantine castle of Molyvos – with  the stunning panorama of the town, the sea and beyond- the alleys, the beaches, the market, the harbour, and four other carefully selected destinations in Lesbos and Chios, soloists will join musical ensembles and perform compositions according to the Festival’s program. The unrivaled program has been edited by the artistic directors Danae and Kiveli Dörken (internationally recognized pianists themselves) and this year’s theme is DIA-LOGOS, the process that laid the foundations of the Republic, encouraging debates and fruitful conversations.

Christian Tetzlaff – German violinist, Berlin Philharmonic’s musician, recipient of the ECHO and ICMA awards as musician of the year , Elijah Kadesha – the awarded from the Union of Critics of Theater and Music, Volker Jacobsen – the founder of the world-renowned “Artemis Quartet”, David Orlowski who was  awarded for the connection of classical music with Klezmer music,  the cellist  Tanja Tetzlaff and violoncellist Bruno Filipp (one of the best-known cellists of his generation), the  internationally acclaimed Portuguese pianist – first prize winner of the famous Leeds International Piano Competition Artur Pizarro and the Norwegian percussionist Hans Christian Sorensen, are only some of the most important performers who will stimulate our mind and emotion through the Dialogue of music. All our senses will be surrounded by high quality classical music while exploring one of the most magnificent destinations in the world.

With the pre-festival activities that will begin on August 8th in Chios and will carry on in Lesbos, the  visitors will have the unique opportunity to discover the two islands and their secrets, highlighting their cultural treasures through a mix of concerts and tours held in various locations of the islands, such as the Citrus Estate – Kampos Chios, the Early Christian Basilica of Agios Andreas (5th century BC), Eressos Lesvos, the Çarşı Hamam in Mytilene and the Kalloni’s Gulf Wetlands.

On August 13th, with the concert “From Genesis to Dialogue” – to be held at Metochi Study Centre of the Agder University, Holy Monastery of Leimonas, Kalloni, Lesbos – a musical bridge will be created that will connect last year’s with this year’s Festival theme.

The core of the Molyvos Festival – that will take place from 16th to 19th of August, in the castle of Molyvos and the conference center of Mithymna – involves the musical exploration of the concepts of Thesis, Antithesis, Dialogue, Reconciliation and Synthesis through the masterpieces of Vitali, Rebel, Jenkins, Xenakis, Brams, Dvorzak, Mozart, Pulenk, Britten, Souk, Fauré, Orlowski, Golijov, Haydn and Ries. A momentous occasion of the Festival, not to be missed, will be the world premiere of the opus of N. Harizanou “Faces of the archaic dipolum “.

During the Festival days, the  “Molyvos Musical Moments” will unexpectedly arise in various parts of the enchaning village, at the residential area, on the beaches and elsewhere, where soloists will offer visitors a rare musical enjoyment that will highlight the beauty, the traditional wealth and the architecture of the village. Just by walking around you will feel the rich culture of the destination.

Nowadays, as the urgency for DIALOGUE has become more indispensable than ever, the 5th Molyvos International Music Festival will reinforce it with an outstanding, resonant programme that will fully satisfy the loyal audience that will arrive from all over the world.

By combining innovation with tradition and bringing together different sectors and people using the universal language of music, the Molyvos Festival will invigorate – through the dialogue of music – our mind and emotion and will point out the similarities between seemingly incompatible contrasts and will eventually praise Beauty.

More details for the festival’s programme please read here.

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MIMF is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, of the North Aegean Region and has the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens, the French Embassy, the Norwegian University of Agder and the Greek National Tourism Organization

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